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tv   Charlie Rose  WHUT  April 12, 2012 10:00am-10:49am EDT

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so we are a sovereign blame pery istanbul they gil llin the public ratacks against the economy world, including a onsbut the current president government has gone ministeriale supporters in the country. muslim brotherhood conferences in... on their own border also. t sentence of a bbc news middle that they tnk will. speakingse when foreign journalists and sya against theb them, some ofe syrian army, >> what military wing.utthe currenthaves is exactly what we are east report. at in the area fa that one broke, the otherne way?y some arab furnishing its image andlocl, le territories for the syrian meo play golf. >>yria will end military it's about changing the syrian cu are they not? notified mr. kofi annan that. (laughs) io and these armed groups talking about. we are suf governmente council, the people crisis we areor the mail cotries and someat g the countries and some external wing opposition whose democratic expere. operations on thursday sta that. caring about their own allow mee crisisre on board officially oue the external opposition. mr. obama to step down. to sneaknment outsideof t syrin heard a bunch of roars and can that's eagled both e mat o killed them?ible behaviorng uprising against government and su ag the infrastructure in americanfree army and dimensions. but this is not the point. stope we have. haen in order to weapons to the syrian oppositio. they are sending money and the me. >>ria cluding of the changes by >> is a pity. y crisis, but it is aecialpe they iteda brutal way.the and arab dimension andviety of o into syria. victims, this is a>l weapons. we shouldn't ignore these facts. thr by 6:00r. nan's hole on the back nine before. supposed to beginls maintain some o th mys e a teaching and arab dimension and in ki-moon.ithe syrian government who them were working fon fires. assessing the situation in syria >> chargely, you have right nowe cease-fire plan. to be reformed. european unionnshe mother homeland. everybody's talking about ph t made no mention of the six-point plan of ng y on, but he doesn't th assad, the heid detriment of the suffering of ts an important point. when the united states and trying to overthrow their own >> rose: all right. let me say, onhewith respect, my most of the arab countries are >> wewo faiy, to sneak that syria. international pu o could be very nice! should see muchdvi to mr. obamal tel they wanted him to gete ex. human i cairo andatement of the but this otight against the syrn >> i into victim or >> rose: he was groomed by his , "if the other time. >> we are a sovereign state, 10,000o me or other mlionshe. people are characterizing this people risip journali victim or 10,000 most people as they view this. as a cease-fire. them... g t governmes.ceasfire. so i was just >> this is a i'll read you now this incitem. called minorities and cease-fire to me or other speaking between the two i'll read you now bl me personay see and haveo th you believe the via video conference tomorrow. speakingse >> rose: the enemies ofi sill t. cease-fire; whatever we call it possible? journali syria the united nations estimates aty i didn't think about catching complaining about the other sid. >> absolutely.tuatn in my grandma made them for me.get. s 12. him right away, tried to play ntified against ane innterview with the. four hours, fiverve this or wile l rose: you're sufferrea yankee. 9, other officially speaking mr. kofi "s groups going not all of them. you... i said kids. things outside of council or... in the board my >> rose: john mccain. international di iostates. golfer who's ro doesn't >> yes, and mr. liema areaot vib why would the united states we hadul glad to same the father and sonn arnist and s with mr. kofi annan. shouldn't come from wron the wei shouldn't come from wrong and it examples in the area, uteat. the current couldn't be done at t sarzy because we would like to arabia be ad fuing libya.he gro. will. you seem to be wantingcouldpp.s mul atipart it's a huge a 12. coming from some countries both it's up to the syria p forces in undertakingour own people. at in the area as well important winnerf>> d both of them callen >ou may agree with me that >> rose: (laugh government.tion carolina. when i tao powers. have had twoecause they couldn't i said it also many of thesreenl point, charlie. we need it. the coun who dynamite h who exploded the world, including thof council is cachnd somehowy the way upto pen there's no reason to getings tht of the maste expressed optimis tounies do you and 15 feet fromhe gentleman harsh winter in consider your friends othean please stop manipulating our >> it's notttend the world ino e people, the syrian people is nos president of th viennd qatar helpedwhh ctr150,0c beau van peltan authorities that what so you heard a bunch of roars io people forrs time. success at the amazing shot and nobody's ever and sunday at the masters is bl always w it to? >> let's go is welcome. >> thank you very violence by tomorrow morning,id in the >> dave: who's working for an 1s fighting so that we can i violee or 36 hole
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the syrian government. tombined is just..wa the syrian state. t delegation of syria he volence bingbout ot >> up to theienc is where president. areok it enough. and then theother. focused on what i had to do. we are ong. >>aki d broken by the if everybody commits cease-firl paying. we suffer. thit o wkofi annan's missi are performing in the high levee put an end said. playing? >> byyi are that said weefm that the syrian governments paying. if everybody commits to putting an end to the violence by tomorrow morning, 6: situation on the it's let me dhi doing junior tournaments, giving interpretation charlie because this is no so-called arab sprin. the president? ths other things outside of allnst what it callsr's will, it's not up to united states will, ie're asking mr. kofi enable to himo be with you, cha, will.l >> rose: we conclude this evening with golf and theolen. in ourca when we contin and was exactlyun here, talked e an,
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american so you heard a bu not real oppon you always havefer who won these . ths >> qatar, saudi arabia, we have informed the security council all council langu with mr. kofi annan. is effveside's palace on the se day. m saying that 2012 se we committedpeal envoyn
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ourselves to put an end to b tc. city, this is charlie rose. pas respect the mediator cease-fire. arming theulating these. coming: well you're tne supporg >> wewo pulling international diioble vernment s is why w groups. democracy, strengthens human circumstances. stop i'm pleased to have him at in't comment on s rning againsttting flected ear,
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what k the syrian government has gone so far that this government cannot stay ithe are not their own count ministerial crisisn alert allow me we can that'sthos-- whether they an dimensions. and arab dimension and the armed groups syria. are dyi. .fficially speaking mr. kofi up by the w syria a cu are they not? >> noll ntified officially speaking mr. kofi annan of his approval of his siom the countries wherey the live, where they are hosts.. where t international reporters and te sth shouldinteffect." our domestic affairs. ve simplyit wl stop all fightis hem the green light. >> rose: bhe >> rose: and who is that? via video conference tomorrow. the united nations estimates ato they know what's happening on council or... in the syrian 21. th with mr. kofi annan. n
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government has adline to withdrw forces from major cities. i am pleased t >> as i said at sia them m expressed optimis so-called... >> rose: arab sp., state soe opposition t delegation of syria to the united non himse president asaid what he i just love to play golf. cease-fire and ommientshat by...ssue.mentn of t from the pulic and may agree with me tht instance, said private a big did
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to brief his security a banana republic. sucssful... s somehow wings of so we are on board officially wo this is not and public facilities existence. >> that .wath when you say ceasre forh me president asaid what he 6:00, timingiill tell you why. s syrian blood they would haveooie conversation takila they live, where they are hosts. cric
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crisis, but it is aits about ars speaking between the twoshou ble syria. >> rose: and who is that?000 hae uprising began in march, 2011. >> i "if the otherre sponsoring the armed this program. >> thank you very much, shouldn't come from wron succee. he is ton legal me. >> rose: tell me whether you believe this cease-fire wes. meaning armed groups as well the
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>> no arena.two. >> rose: theg collective conversation takilaeoint, the live, where they are hosts. >> rose: you'reutthe current ree enable to him succeed. he is ton legalhould there is a big fence between declaring a cefies.e meeting wad argue, as iasre well government in o helping the response.ow far the whether we are talking about one inherited the job from h main
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istanbul government syria. and we fowler. that he will get, damascusomehw commitments, similar guarantees assessing the situation in armed groups keing journalists away. so everything t failedhe christians?is iunlawful. this is against international >> fancially speaking, sending , multipart sending visualizing ar them.ledy the armednnedthe highy again. >> rose: why no l this is wrong. this isreen but with a comparist they have and they've done innt. what goes on in saudibiime his s
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groups sponsored by some that'sy the armed groups on... private d in a fs e initial government?... the ex providing... the runses of syria. >> rose: the enemies ofnd s weapons. we shouldn as resisting th privee making the point, the ars facilities mehe them because i thr. they are all liveomeing.>t instance, saiduld ve waited unt! this is parar.f we're showing tringo >> by the manip syria. thnk wh h assessing the situation in in ac you always havegeth. interview on the tas better. four hours, fives ishy i said aa
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the exchange o explanation of what's going on.w and they up by the foreign journalists ad people inside some civilian arab n in your count. you don'tinx-point plan on the i would on april 1, the turkishe athe uu tt buin fact mlead and misinfoe international pu o them, some of
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leaders around the world have said that pr the cry us. the arab dimension, time. >> we are a sovereign state, that's how they see it. >> including? >> rose: the united states. >> this is wrong. this is unlawful. this is against international people should understand that bg it's a paerlgn state. there are laws to be respected.e >> rose: but you don't deny that in theve and they've done in rc favor have governments run bycivians furnishing its image and istanbul were only 71 oraudi arabia-exteot of how you find te ut only syrian yemen recently. commits to putting an end to violenatclusive responsibility e government. worries most about is keeping arab agenda.iviln buildings to cowardsntry chren the areas out changing the a syrians who lith their support then shot... the shot group or orgiz saudi rials i have a list. >>osou may agree with me that the french authorities, forsts?
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>> my president is a publiclyupf theovernment has k, damascus >> we would like all time. >> we are a sovereign state, hem the green light. >> rose: bhe opposition, incitig charlie. idlib. pe sit cannothe we i absolutely. christians?nd the negotiations t >> rose: dat >>nsio of possible. so what do you say to that? >> wewoese three countriesn a >> those who are casting some government hasthe weapons group. doubts about the credibility of the syrian government's >> rose: sponsoring them in what way? we need some time, juste materio >> financially speaking, sending thean. >>e: them m maintain some up u oil today as there are regulations to be pre. that they tnk >> no government on earth outhis is wrong. >> rose: that's ones to be blame because y govert . we haveat sts and he's going to exeise of pkinduttinf new beginning so what it security council and mr. kofi would do and secondly afist annan is a iviln. try yum inform a supposed to begin withdrawing speaking, somegoegypt, president. bro like mine he wins and the gulf six-point plan on the 26th ofe h explanation of what's going on. officially speaking mr. kofi uprising. so me your
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gove meere and they need the dates fixed >> right, se:ee but were you t syrian groups sponsored byhime the wil. family been ptt o the playoff didn'tyria experience. are syrians, are they not? this is what i'm saying. american >> not all of them are syrians.y numberee and wetaish the image . rincipleske ki-moon. ca are ale. chrenpist tois publiclymeetg for sponsorie by israel since inherited the job from h opposition, external opposition compared he your gome lesson from top this is the kind of story... you intti rebels who, in fact, are >> rose: a number of they know what's happening on what this is about.the esident d go if. i have a list. osons against the public and private o inc innghat meeting inthe weapoi see? >> got t law. overthrowing the teg fact that nobody has the right to tell be successful saying. somapril 1 g parts becaus d? fulfill the aspirations. >> rose:o the vien vernments, all syrian demor yemen recently.r th syria and russia andell to by both the security council and mr. kofih e time, ton power.. president asaid what he april 1.
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on april 12, the syrian government will stop the... will put an end informative that draw anyea. it's >> up to theienc is not equal tohe someone?r? the morning of april 12 is the deadline. >> we pulled back sneaked in because they couldn't that they wanted him to get wait they were s aspire the cs wings of t mor letters.pio, damascus furnishing its image and i caird syria th the cry us. the arab dme pulling back of mensns. >> rose: cut sr. an ara and government puts its on a respecting the safety of its implementation a banana republic. item two of his plan. >>e: laws to be respected. beli. that they tnk lyos consider this, this is a favor own
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civilians otherwth vi vernments, all innocent people got killed in vl war which imperils their yemen recently.s e initial... te territories for the syrian colle exce rher than distributing conversation takila conferences in... on in the golan therere opposition when i'm at home i play were yt jst us two.rthat they . vict of what's going on bse were yesterdayn to see our coun ryrian/turkish ? >>ab and now we have started a, and a mr. obama to step down. publicly speaking, for arming the opposition. >> rose: that's not new for them. they've... >> this is wrong, charlie. >> you did notas h wellhis runs against internaal not realistics at tt is a possibility that
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could happen in order to maintain some o said "i almost have governments run by sia boty speaking as well as officially speaking, some governments, all of them were working on abo whay perceived to be the circumstances?uling family. hahe job go if they were careful about sholg syrian blood they would haveoo s fa. in the ar military wing.frdom and democraa because we all want our country numberdviee to mr. obama so that they wanted him to get championshipca't see it so the . >> rose: he was it's fair to say, a >> rose: the l a im ic international diio a ll there fb >> wewo country. drastically speaking.g good example of democracy andavo in the arab world ispresiden ben
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the syrian government. some of the rebels were using civilians in homs as human confounded by the fact it didn't ounies do you yemen recently. civilians the ft dramatic fashion in a secondentd they are sending money a where qatar was a.ealingis fa. people t international reporters and international media agencies. >> rose: yes, and we inherited the job from h group in>> se: do you think bas. are performing in the high levey the ground. >> we are noteep that said we is is effndve we nd people and governmentomo hittins , in fact a it's a hugeoppounity to influence my own brought menned athe high securio use a a not materializeow far te
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government has gone for here are p or the other?kinw beginning for syria. d the world in much or takennd y t i've interviewed your presidenti and i'll bet a state. people inside some civilian buildings towards resisting the that in it brought your dad and you father/daughter,ar inviting me and for shangla boda him and where he had the effect you wanted i meer st. this is what you would like contacts, as you know, he absol! this is parf it's fair to say, a of traditions. two other thirds did n called minorities and going through. rough a lot so theay. so that he will get similar >> rose: the t commitments, similar guarantees very strong position l drastically speaking.delp that everybody will be on board >> this is a very encouraging this kind putting an end to the this is wrong. >> rose: that's was a fun you? of there's >> that's what my dadau makertot and this technical. vi to sthe weapons gasoline this technicauftervwed your pret syria. principles like findas he hit shots that were qe
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the d roe: you play with tiger a infrastructure in the country?e se kinds of things. the touropinn and syrianholding violence by tomorrow morning,ssd syrian blood they would have helped us get back land octcued
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couldn't be done at the betweens
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that's how they see it. did."st step? >> absolutely. nt dignity, i want freedom e new electionstt on thewe h and new parliament and opportuny to influence my own governmenta. are>> re: the only secular government in the arab world is the syrian government. powers.w the world opinion we need it. the coun . this major there are tooan do with the ngh a collectiui yemen recently. that supporting. the pe providing... the runs death colony. so we don't collective conversation takila jordanian
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government of syin within theire >> because of payne stewgo up? t syria. i acknowledge '80s he was kind of a rough sayhait's prepared to and we ned people and governments from outside to understand hcarcity. people tell me touriery single e needs to keep hitthi opponent has a country. understand at in the area >> this is a very asideof mosaic. >> rose: you seem to be wanting to say that what we're fighting for here are principles like a secular state, principles wteve. this is num yes if we put an end t and qatar confounded by the fact it didn't to ourteit w a t uprising against governman two.s
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brutality and putting down proteststherin syria? working around the syria. fa behavior of the heidn't inheritb fr international pu o sarkozy tuatn insaying that we don't syria. i acknowledge what this is about., ut i'm jusg there has been supported these people as they supported the th as fr >> rose: there's a difference and the twy th a visa, we are not outside to understand an h viol. not evthroh everybody else the item two ofuch real facts ou sia. government simplistic language and irresponsible behavioredia coverage. georgia when that are groups sponsored by mr.meofi ane saying you have great opposie syrian opponents, turkish so far thatreigaffairs, charlie, eovernment or the saudi was a fs declared publicly in cairo in. during the arab rebels in one way have governments run by a wteve. i've inie blicly? th council isbba this is numbe get at. how would you characterize and how do you define these people y a matter of d kids.
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to the fact that the important point, li s getting back to that. pen and 15 feet from it'he demandedo thha araa is a question to be examined in harsh winter in a means
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not equal to the syrian experience. this is what i'm saying. numberee against your country and thebbay will. it uhy we say n i that's what this is about.t 15eet from"
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>> testimony and tried to regiol i said is effve declared publicly in ca it' demo i went to many countrie drastically speaking. thharies. speaking because it's wrong to >>om the beginning their agenda, process. wvezefi in you? gam >> for their groups sponsored by some what io do you advise othersnned the hi. en he grabbed his wife these popular claims. nd balance ofim about the>> is a pity. >> you're familiar wiopinthn ann a single lesson. on sunda wve scide? this is a problem. we are saying historicdoue eage oplett o the playoff didn'tform our country collectively speaking without the bloodshed. >> rose: so the playing? >> byyi youve and respect collee group in protest against government. this is what you would like abs! this is part of kofi annan's missi the parts becaus dajityre complaining about the other side that said wehestretch and i madr in a row on th andhe said very strong position lsolutely. ." , >> rose: what theas maybe at the best getting
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,stracized. and eight pars. it' demanded heo thha >> it's notaid it pu >> for sure.everad ao do with te ny uncil has support. th he hasn't done an go providing.e ru ofns damascus, yes, we are on arena. arms tot couldn't be done at thehe iraniy had the effect you wanted i i f, it's not up to saudi arabia wiln will, it's not up totave causede baseball player, a gt and hee. "what's your attitu is effve
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wi in syria. twice. >> cheeriou clockto dramatic shogo.
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i just love to play golf. business. is going, the game of eagled both h detriment of the suffering of sanctions on i don mattingly was my fuse it a ? >> i wofcourse we are going thrh
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an economic crisis. .he prices are very high now for carolina. when i tao each year a came back and performed welcome. >> thank you very much., onlys . >> rose: iit playetying basebald baba ming, cheeriou dramatic shot him. so day... this nist and fireman at the same time. we need firemen. some governments are playing the role of arsonists in our country. of course we are going through it to? is it natural? is ithe ten birdies something other people didn't? was it natural athletic abili he wed domestic affairs of" e walters. >> rose: our multifriend. parliament. yes, we are moving towards a new will he speak out again and sit and ha ying baseball and parliament, a new constitn othed basketball your dad is just domestic affairs. this is could you have done that in i f.
10:34 am
country. of course we are going through is not gethyo. buae mutes. four hours, fivego up?e baseball player, a gt! bught interview as well as th iby media access group at wgbh person and he will be nations and we want vializing when you took your swing? >> i w, maybe at the >> rose a >> rose: thank you for doing this, this is a difficult time for syria. me double eagle you seems to say about this and there are tooan deaths. there's been too much >> dete mother/dteri this information. panks >> rose: all because of payne? s this yet jst us two. . conversation not justsrea yann
10:35 am
about golf butjiors, to youth i. >> rose: what do you balls with a nine-iron in his family's backyard. he's never had a coach a single lesson. on sunda w well. te de dramatic fashion in a second could be very nice! in the t do. >> oh, come pa to you the other >> i happened to shoot in a for them to be a part of its de tournamentnd shot 62 one time >> rose: what do you michael jordan took time offnd a technical. this technicauf parent tournament. he's poised to continue that success at the u.s. open in june at tingheour thing and get bettenddo y practice a lot?. >> father/son time. ip and if hiske tryin it. i think it's taken had the effect you wanted i i ft enough. and then theo you... i said autographs for ahee back nine. yankees. he was upset the day i chose to go golf and no more but nowgolf has
10:36 am
could you have done that instatc >> rose: (laughs) i bet he does. when you were pland then in thee yourself i down that one broke, the other one didn't and from? >>e heard a bunch of roars and sunday at the masters is always wild, aysthink that all that c >> rose: caleb.o much could you have done that in s te back >> if you're in thedroy, for them to be a part of it as weis yes! double eagle. >> you wanted to go up and high five him because of the love ofu i turned pro because of the game. the game of >> that's what my dadau me anmyi was at the university ofak to the communities, givek shot.e haries across the able to go to the winners clubhoh-huuse. >> rose: where did that come mue accomplished something in life that i've always wanted to it was just . myon sur we need it. the council is not council
10:37 am
government or the qatar baby boy. t do.n both back nines before.r >> it's notaid it pu >> fair enough. maybe it has to do with the extent of how you find the support. th like ball, you didn't go suppore i wore nickers until i was 12 russians have acknowledged years old. as wendis ret they've sd. and i winning everything will he speak out inis going. on the women's tour sy ny peopl. we're about e been very he wasan i went to many countries because vocal in t well is excit of it. i and showing ml?e lo he was a great champion.d dad . >> growingp whether we are talking about one victim or brought me aa way to give back 10,000 victims, this is a syriae amazing. that a i ten-footer as well. >> rose: on theharies paying. we suffer. thi w >> because of payne stewame andn across the world. birdies on the back nine. >> uh-huh. >> rose: where did that come price of from? gasoline, people tell me there e >> so yeah when i got to the athletic abil? syrian ambassador to the united samees bcause of it. i of them in their entirety. the truth. found early you had tale tght m, hit it, gam do you advise others is not met wild, a doeys in america-- when you're playing baseball and for all syrians all over the no. basketball your dad is just then shot... the shot basketbal. >> rose: in pt of this what we are say i own
10:38 am
he wed yankees. a matter of doing bussse internl he wasps when did you know you had something? obviously hey enough to shoot >> rose: (laughjut left it on t. thisis mother/sonealing when you were playing alongside and he hit that double emissed ? is it the fact you had members. >> rose: mr. ambassador, with respect again. you represent your government i th huge price the syrian people are me d something other peo d wit a coue other places tha h eaglnd was what was it? >> because of payne stew revulsion against i think it's athlete. parts because we don't have de?"been reportedthere been a mu doesn't break and because of...n you... i said very strong position legally don mattingly was my favorite speaking because it's wrong to baseball player, a great yankeey interfere in other business and domestic affairs. this is >> that's what my dadaunt and really enjoys it. love thee. >> roseave a when you werse pl improving as g we need it. denying the facts.use russia nt heard a bunch of rndayt the mass what we are say i >> thank god. this is a kiof improving. anymore. the shape of the council is and it stayed on the l wrong.oing busssy uncil has
10:39 am
political violence then shot... the shot had to do. i didn't think about catching ao coming and him right away. i was just trying to play arena. with 15 steady; play my game and members. that one broke, the other one >> rose: mr. ambassador, with didn't and just missed it. respect again. you represent your government >> rose: what was amazing is it here. these are very difficl? turkey or qatar snd qatar helpef >> growingp didn't b for >> rose: rl victims, this is a >> i think theyou? >> no of our on't haver who won thetave cause conversation with everybody knows. > rose: yes, and we fowler. to you the other but with a great attitude with ug i'm used to i know... in the golferde?" of vike this has gone to too number one, i don't deny >> rose: you play with tiger a regulation was about 18 feet. when they get to high schools just didn't break a crisis. >> his minddo y practice a lot? it's a pity not only for >> i play golf a lot. swing? >> for sure. i don' 18ke holes i have two obviously he won by not denying. what we are say i harsh winter in t fact or 36 holes a teaching is going. we're about e togher i a matter of doing busss woulddo me great things. amazing shot and nobody's olympn
10:40 am
you always have fowler. was figuring out >> well, i've... over the course ofd of like me now that you go can so you're in the treesing s. he's a shotto just findas. rip and find your own swing? >> for sure. and one in florida and one in north kind of a roughha let it dia a downlk tthem i always year ago. chging hisbeca the payne that tell the parent, mother/sonl? everybody knows and loves today. >> growingonp tomorrow night. georgia when that wasf guy i wag my grandma made them for me. >> rose: all because of payne?h. shots and rer down a came back and performed they dot lose that. a different he was kind of like me now that junior golf with '80s he was isin going, the game of analyzes stui would >> rose: that's part one him ane i go about it and hoicatnssignit
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break and realized that golf is not that h think they are all syrian t basa to theo countries or between tw. this is what you would like >> rose: kofi annan is so-called... >> rose: arab sp. rime in
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>> i hope so.ood and can't perform. michael jordan took time off and came back and performed pretty well so athletes, tour me where you think it is. is going. we're about e i think it's takenon tomorrow night. commio giving back with junior golf with signing >> is there some he hit shots te watching the old highlights so i take a little bit fromyou? >> no, only of water. t
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